Winter storm preparation

Minnie and Olga, Regina and Stuart – are all storm names for 2024 pre-allocated by the Met Office. With the average claim for storm damage topping £3,0001, it’s important to protect your home against extreme weather. So, what measures can you take? 

Keeping safe in a storm 

  • Put away your garden furniture, and any other items that could blow away 
  • Firmly shut all doors and windows 
  • Park your car away from trees and fences, or inside a garage. 

Ensuring you insure 

The most important step to take is having suitable home insurance. Many policies cover some level of storm and wind damage; however, there are limitations. 

Most insurers have an official definition of a ‘storm,’ meaning the winds need to reach a certain speed before it will be considered a storm. Depending on the small print of your policy, you might not be protected against damage to hedges, gates or fences, for example. 

Most home insurance will cover you in the event of wind and water damage, sewer back-up, roof damage and loss of power. You should notify your provider as soon as you can and do not move anything until you have spoken to your insurer, unless it is a hazard. 

Get in touch to ensure you have adequate cover for your home and your unique circumstances., 2023

As a mortgage is secured against your home or property, it could be repossessed if you do not keep up mortgage repayments.